Targeted Surface Dressing

The Future of Improved Road Surfaces

Our expertise in surface dressing constantly leads us to look for new ways to manage the impact of wear and tear and adverse weather conditions on road networks.

We scoured Europe for a solution that would help UK local authorities and owners of private road networks to prevent potholes and carry out pothole, cracking and fretting repairs, along with road reinstatements, in a single, cost-effective and time-efficient process. Our Targeted Surface Dressing System answers all those needs.

Using computerised scanning equipment within our specially-modified vehicle, our expert teams can identify cracks and fretting within the road surface and treat them with precision application of a binding agent to prevent further deterioration or pothole formation. The same vehicle can carry out cracking and fretting repairs or road reinstatement in a single process.

Thanks to Henry Williams & Son, this leading edge technology is now available in the UK for the first time, enabling you to reduce the long-term cost of repairs, avoid costly insurance claims for pothole damage and minimise the need for road closures.

The innovative system carries out all repairs and reinstatement from within the vehicle too, avoiding the health and safety risks associated with workers in the road.

It all adds up to a smarter road management and preventative maintenance strategy. 

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