Targeted Surface Dressing

A totally new approach to preventing potholes before they form with rapid, cost-effective surface dressing that targets the problem areas on your roads.

Pothole Prevention

Potholes have become a major problem on both publically-maintained and privately-managed roads. Repairing them can be costly and time-consuming, with health and safety, road closures and access restrictions all adding to the issue.

Our leading edge technology provides Targeted Surface Dressing for vulnerable areas of the road surface. Using in-vehicle computerised scanning technology, we can identify cracks and fretting within the road which then allows use to treat these areas with a binding agent to prevent potholes from forming.

The same vehicle can carry out cracking, fretting repairs and re-seal road reinstatement in the same operation, providing a rapid, cost-effective joined up solution with reduced road closures.

And we can do all that from within our specially-modified vehicle, which means there’s reduced workers in the road.

It’s a completely new approach to pothole prevention called Targeted Surface Dressing that could help you save money, save time and avoid costly insurance claims.

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